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Project #1: “CamCars” [V1]
June 24, 2006, 2:26 am
Filed under: Technological Projects


Plan and Build 2 highspeed gas/electric remotely controlled miniture cars. These cars must have a frequency of a quarter mile and must handle mounted cameras.


  • 2 cars (one gas and another electric)
  • 2 installable and lightweight camera’s
  • An increased frequency of 1/4th a mile for both cars

Research: Stage 1: Done

Check this Out!

Perfect, less work to do. All that has to be done is to enhance all the features!



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Yo yo wat da dil y yo. Wat up gangsta, i think i might have found some of da cameras tat u would need, but we need money. A LOT OF MONEY and fast. i got da info, now we need money and some experimentin.
u smell nice

Comment by Tanvir

“Good” depends on your perspective, but the benefits of a DC plan accrue more quickly up front, so if I’m a young worker who doesn’t expect to stay fo Click

Comment by micaelayates81583

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